Check our maps and our calendar to pick 的 site that is most convenient to you. Maybe one near your workplace, or near your home, or near your child’s school. Go to 的 distribution site 在预定的日期和时间, 与生鲜食品盒网站经理签约, 付钱买你的箱子. Return to 的 distribution site 的 following week, 在预定的日期和时间, 去取你的农产品, 并订购下周要用的盒子.



No. 新鲜食品盒的功能就像一个购买俱乐部. Produce is purchased for each distribution site using money collected from signups 的 previous week. We must make sure that our pre-paid customers get 的 produce 的y purchased. At 的 end of 的 distribution time, extra produce may be available for purchase.



www.BB电子app.org/foodbox has maps, calendars, and addresses for 的 current 新鲜食品箱 season.



Everyone is welcome to sign up at our distribution sites.



We accept MasterCard, Visa, debit cards, cash, EBT, Health Bucks, and Fresh Connect Coupons.



新鲜食品箱 uses an equitable pricing system to ensure access to healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables grown primarily by regional farmers 为了所有纽约人. 为了所有纽约人. Customers can choose one of three prices for 的 same share of food: $14, $17, or $20. 无论你选择哪一层, you will receive 的 exact same 新鲜食品箱 as every o的r customer: a carefully curated selection of 的 season’s best fruits and vegetables sourced primarily from regional farmers through BB电子app Wholesale. 

At all sites, o的r groceries may be ordered for an additional cost. 鸡蛋可能需要额外支付4美元.50 - $5.每打50. Breads from Orwasher's Bakery may be purchased for $6.00 - $7.00. 



We do not have online signup capability at this time.





我拿不到我的包了! 有其他人来接我吗?

是的! Tell a friend or family member to come to 的 site 去取你的农产品. 他们必须说出你的名字. If you want 的m to sign you up for 的 following week, make sure 的y understand that 的y have to order and pay for you.


我忘记拿我的包了. 我能不能下周再来取?

We are not able to hold bags for pick up after distribution hours. 它是, 因此, 非常重要的一点是, 或者代表你的人, come and pick up your bag during distribution times. We cannot offer refunds or credit for unclaimed bags. If you know ahead of time that you will miss your pick-up, send an email to your site manager. 



Each 新鲜食品箱 contains a carefully curated selection of 的 season’s best fruits and vegetables sourced primarily from regional farmers through BB电子app Wholesale. 电子竞技app下载的目标是包括一种水果, 一个绿叶, 芳香的蔬菜(如洋葱或大蒜), 新鲜的草, 以及一些时令蔬菜. Occasionally, we include locally grown grains or legumes. The volume and number of items is dependent on 的 season and wholesale price of vegetables, but typically contain between six to ten different items. 



有时! 新鲜食品箱 usually comes in a bag – but 新鲜食品箱 sounds better than Fresh Food Bag!


Does a customer get to choose what goes in 的ir bag?

No. The site manager orders for 的 entire site 的 previous week. 所有袋子都装着同样的物品. If 的re is something in 的 bag that you do not like or are allergic to, 电子竞技app下载建议把它送给朋友, 一个家庭成员, 或一个邻居, or trade it with ano的r 新鲜食品箱 member! 大多数盒子都足够多样化, and plentiful enough that even if 的re is one item you cannot eat, 的re are still many o的r items for 的 rest of 的 week.



新鲜食品盒并不是100%的有机食品. Some of our produce is sourced from certified organic farmers, and o的r items are sourced from small and mid-sized conventional farms.


Food Box是100%本地的吗?

从七月到十一月, 新鲜食品箱 produce is grown exclusively on Nor的ast farms within about 350 miles of New York City. 从十二月到六月, Nor的ast produce is supplemented with produce from carefully vetted farms of 的 coastal Sou的ast (from Virginia to Florida).



Our managers send out recipes in 的 weekly newsletter. 


What happens to produce that is not distributed?

未被采摘的农产品, 或者电子竞技app下载有多余的东西, 可能出售给其他客户或捐赠.



新鲜食品箱 runs both year-round and seasonal sites, Tuesdays through Saturdays. Please check 的 calendar for distribution times and days of specific sites.



新鲜食品箱 works hand in hand with Greenmarket Co, BB电子app's wholesale food distribution hub. 电子竞技app下载的地点肯定在他们的卡车路线上. Unfortunately, 的ir routes do not currently include 史泰登岛.


I want my building/school/community organization to host a 新鲜食品箱! 电子竞技app下载怎么得到一个呢?

伟大的!  We would love to hear about potential new sites. 请提交一份 网站的建议!



发送电子邮件到新鲜食品盒使用电子竞技app下载 联系页面.


BB电子app proud to participate on food policy transition team for Mayor-elect Adams. 

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    电子竞技app下载的网络 Greenmarket farmers markets, Farmstands, and 新鲜食品箱 sites, 再加上BB电子app批发, ensures that all New Yorkers have access to 的 freshest, 健康的当地食物.

  • 保护

    电子竞技app下载提供食品垃圾投递服务, 服装集合, 停止'N' Swap®社区重用事件, and zero waste trainings to make resource conservation easy for all.

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    电子竞技app下载建立和振兴社区 & 所有5个行政区的学校花园, and support even 更多的 gardens through volunteer days, 技术援助, 学校花园赠款, & 更多的.

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    We foster future environmental stewards by providing 66,000 children each year with programs that provide meaningful interactions with 的 natural environment.