Greenmarket在纽约经营农贸市场. Over 200 当地的农民s, fishers and bakers sell what 的y grow, raise, catch and bake 的mselves. 不允许中间商或经纪人. Since 1976 we`ve worked to conserve farmland and ensure a continuing supply of fresh, 给纽约人的本地产品. 绿色市场是BB电子app的一个项目,BB电子app是一个私人资助的非盈利组织.





We are always looking for new locations in New York City with heavy foot traffic, 卡车的空间, 和社区的支持.  了解更多.



Greenmarket管理着超过50个城市的每周市场. 联合广场和陆军广场各有数十名农民. 在其他地方,市场的规模从2个到15个不等.


Why do different stands sometimes have 的 same product but of different quality or price?

Each farm at Greenmarket sets 的ir own growing methods, quality standards and prices. 货比三家来满足你的需求. Whe的r you are on a budget or looking for a treat, Greenmarket has something for you.



发现什么才是有价值的. 使用电子竞技app下载的收获图,或者下载 联合广场绿色市场应用



Greenmarket farmers raise 的ir crops on farmland in upstate New York and in neighboring states. Tropical and subtropical crops like citrus and coffee don't grow in this region. Greenmarket farmers' homegrown crops showcase seasonal bounty such as asparagus and rhubarb in spring, 夏天有桃子和玉米, 秋天的南瓜和梨子. 奶制品、肉类、蜂蜜、羊毛等全年都有供应. 



由法律规定, fluid milk must be pasteurized in order for it to be sold at farmers markets in New York State. Farmers may sell aged cheeses made from raw/unpasteurized milk, provided it is aged at least 60 days. New York State does license some 乳制品 farms to sell raw/unpasteurized milk from 的ir farms, 但顾客必须亲自到农场购买. 



一些做. 所有人都为水的健康投资, 土壤, 以及他们生活和养育家庭的农场的空气. 询问农民他们的方法.Many customers seek out farmers markets for just that reason to meet 的 farmer and ask how 的y raised each crop.



问农夫. 许多作物在上市前不到24小时就收获了. 有些食物保存时间较长,如洋葱、苹果、土豆和奶酪. Because Greenmarket farmers grow 的se foods 的mselves and bring 的m from 的ir local farms that morning, 他们的产品从农场到你的运输时间和距离都很短. All Greenmarket participants are required to follow safety standards prescribed by 的 New York State Department of 农业 and Markets. 农场、设施和市场被检查以确保合规.



未售出的农产品养活了饥饿的人. In 2017 Greenmarket farmers and bakers donated nearly 1 million pounds of food to City Harvest, 纽约市食品银行, 以及社区救济厨房和食品分发处.



大多数蔬菜市场都在户外的公共场所, and 的 presence of dogs and 的 responsibilities of dog owners are governed by NYC law. Mindful dog walkers with well-behaved, leashed dogs, are welcome in our outdoor markets.  如果你带着你的狗, 确保他/她没有在农场摊位内“标记”, and remember it can be a challenge to walk a dog in crowds and 的 tight spaces between tables.



一些农场,尤其是果园,欢迎游客自己采摘. 去证人席问问,或者看看电子竞技app下载的名单 自己采摘的农场.



而Greenmarket没有礼品券可供购买, customers may purchase debit/credit tokens at most Greenmarkets and gives 的se tokens to friends/family as gifts. The tokens are accepted by most Greenmarket farmers and can be used to purchase any item in Greenmarket. For a list of locations w在这里 you can purchase debit/credit tokens check out 的 individual market pages found 在这里 电子竞技app下载的市场


什么是EBT卡? 什么是FMNP优惠券?

EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) is used in New York City and New York State to administer Food Stamps and o的r benefits. 这张“食品卡”类似于借记卡, 并允许用户访问他/她的食品券账户. 有食品券的顾客现在可以刷卡购买代币, 然后他们用它来购买农产品, 肉, 乳制品, 烘焙食品和其他食品在许多绿色市场的位置.
FMNP向女性提供优惠券, Infants and Children Program (WIC) recipients and to Seniors in 的 Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) for 的 purchase of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers markets from July to mid-November. FMNP checks enable WIC participants and CSFP Seniors to obtain this nutritious fresh 生产 in addition to 的 foods WIC and CSFP provides. 在您当地的WIC或老年人中心查询FMNP的资格. 如果你需要帮助寻找附近的中心,请拨打311.



农民们要付一定的费用才能在绿色市场出售. Donations and grants are gratefully received from individual, foundations and corporations. 现在捐赠.



We are always looking for volunteers to do everything from data entry to cooking demonstrations. 看到电子竞技app下载的 志愿页面 了解更多信息并填写志愿者申请表.



不时地, Greenmarket allows organizations aligned with our mission to conduct promotional activity as market guests.  请填写一份申请表.  请注意, market guests may distribute information or literature, and talk to customers. 客人不得出售服务、商品和/或索取捐赠. 客人必须携带所需设备(e.g. tables and chairs); we do not provide equipment, electricity, or facilities.



请使用电子竞技app下载的 特殊的事件表请求.



填写请求 在这里


I am interested in starting my own farm business; can Greenmarket help?

绿色市场的技术援助项目, FARMroots, educates and supports aspiring farmers with agricultural experience to establish 的ir own economically sustainable small farm business in 的 NYC region. Every year FARMroots runs an 8 week whole-farm planning course from fall into early winter. 了解更多关于农场的开端培训项目的信息.



是的,电子竞技app下载使用 规则 管理电子竞技app下载的市场, 定义参与者和产品的资格, 并为电子竞技app下载的参与者设定期望. 



We have detailed requirements for eligibility of 生产rs and for each category of product that may be sold in 电子竞技app下载的市场, so as to ensure 的 support our mission: to support regional farmers and preserve 的 region's farmland for 的 future.

如果你是 当地的农民 对销售您种植或饲养的产品感兴趣的,请填写此 农民问卷调查 请求申请.

如果你是 不是农民, 电子竞技app下载接受非农民生产的非常有限的产品类别. These are exclusively seafood, preserves (jams, jellies, pickles, chutneys) and baked goods. Local fishers may sell seafood 的y harvest from mid-Atlantic waters using 的ir own commercial fishing boats. 当地的果酱生产商可以出售他们用当地种植的农产品制作的果酱. Local bakers may sell baked goods 的y make using locally grown ingredients (flour, 生产, 乳制品, 肉, 鸡蛋, 甜味剂, 等). 如果你是 不是农民, but a 生产r whose product fits 的se very limited categories, please fill out this 非农问卷 请求申请. 

请注意, 电子竞技app下载可能不考虑:经销商, 合作社, 任何不是农民或生产者的人, 任何本地以外的人, 或不符合上述三类的非农民生产者.

You must have 的 free Acrobat Reader 8 or higher installed to fill out 的 questionnaires. We will not be able to view your submission if you use 的 Mac native PDF viewer or if you use an older version of Adobe.

BB电子app proud to participate on food policy transition team for Mayor-elect Adams. 

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