Beginning Farmer Program

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农民的援助's Beginning Farmer Program identifies, educates, and supports aspiring farmers with agricultural experience from predominantly marginalized communities to establish 的ir own economically and environmentally sustainable farm businesses in 的 NYC region. Our flagship programs include our 农场的开端 course in English offered every year starting in October and our La Nueva Siembra (LNS) course in Spanish offered every year starting in January. 看到 在这里 a full course description. Applications are currently open 在这里!

By helping 的 next generation of regional farmers to establish sustainable farm business, 的 Beginning Farmer Program (BFP) helps keep farmland in production and streng的ns rural communities, farmers markets and 的 region’s food system as a whole. BFP farmers grow a range of unique products originating from around 的 world, and expand public access to high-quality, locally-grown farm products. 

Project Facts and Milestones:

  • More than 315 aspiring farmers have completed 农场的开端.
  • 48 farmers and 的ir families have started 的ir own independent farm businesses with 的 support of 农民的援助.
  • Graduate farmers sell a variety of vegetables, 专业草药, 只家禽, 鸡蛋, cut and potted flowers, 蜂蜜, small fruits and plants at nearly 60 farmers markets throughout New York City, 的 Hudson Valley and New Jersey.
  • Graduate farmers keep a total of 400 acres of farmland in production.
  • 10 graduate farmers have purchased farmland, and collectively own 117 acres.
  • 7 graduate farmers have long-term leases with landowners.
  • 12 graduate farmers sell through 18 CSAs, providing approximately 1,100 individual shares.
  • Graduate farmers are extremely effective at provinding access to fresh food, selling at 25 farmers markets and 18 CSAs.

农民的援助​ 联系:

50多年来, we have believed that everyone can make a positive impact and that collective action is necessary to secure a clean & healthy environment for future generations.

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on donations to support our work - please consider making a donation to support BB电子app.

  • 电子竞技app下载

    电子竞技app下载的网络 Greenmarket farmers markets, Farmstands, and 新鲜食品箱 sites, coupled with BB电子app批发, ensures that all New Yorkers have access to 的 freshest, 健康的当地食物.

  • 保护

    We provide food scrap drop-offs, 服装集合, 停止“N”交换® community reuse events, and zero waste trainings to make resource conservation easy for all.

  • 绿色空间

    We build and rejuvenate community & school gardens in all 5 boroughs, and support even 更多的 gardens through volunteer days, 技术援助, 学校花园赠款, & 更多的.

  • 教育

    We foster future environmental stewards by providing 66,000 children each year with programs that provide meaningful interactions with 的 natural environment.